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Reliable and Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Kitchener-Waterloo

Carpets create a welcoming ambience in every residential and commercial space. However, without adequate or timely maintenance, they lose their beauty and start looking dull. Dirty, unclean carpets accumulate dust and can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Pure Touch Services offers top-quality carpet cleaning and periodic carpet maintenance services. 

Our trained professionals use specially formulated cleaners to get rid of dirt, grime and dust. We will make sure that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned and restored to their former glory and also smell fresh! All our services are affordably priced and fully reliable. We serve customers within a 30-mile radius of Kitchener-Waterloo, including Cambridge, Guelph and small towns like Elmira, Rockwood, New Hamburg. All our cleaners are professionally knowledgeable, so they will not only deliver exceptional services but also improve your awareness by giving vital tips on cleaning carpets. Contact us to schedule a service today.

Process-Oriented Carpet Cleaning Solutions


For forty years, Pure Touch Services is known for its high-class carpet cleaning services that not only meet but exceed client expectations too. This is because we follow a process-oriented approach with attention to detail. 

At Pure Touch Services, our carpet cleaning service comprises a four-step process: 

Firstly, we inspect the fabric of your carpet and also test it to make sure a safe cleaning can be done, we then use the amount of cleaning required depending on the stains.
Secondly, we pre-spray all stains on the carpet.
Next, we wash and scrub all carpeted areas with eco-friendly detergents to drive out the dirt.
Finally, we ensure that your carpet looks new and smells fresh, thanks to the pleasing deodorized scent the cleaning assures!

Cleaning All Carpets

Our team offers quality carpet cleaning solutions to: 

Homes and apartments
Office space
Large buildings
Other commercial spaces

We also provide common area carpet cleaning and work with property management companies, assisting them with regular carpet cleaning services.

Looking for Carpet Cleaning?

We will come to you for a carpet cleaning service as per your schedule and convenience.

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